Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Slight set back...won't slow me down

Well as my running adventures began, I noticed that my right foot was becoming more and more painful. It feels as though I had broken the two little bones ontop of my foot...not sure how to explain it but the ones that connect to my baby toe and the one next to it. Oh my gosh does it hurt! It doesn't seem to want to go away. So saturday morning after Tyler's swim practice to the urgent care I went, ugh! I hate nothing more than going to the doctor. Mainly because it seems that when I do I end up in surgery, at least for pains like this one (back to back shoulder surgeries for a torn bicep in the same arm has made me gun-shy).

So urgent care is where I spent my morning, waiting, and waiting. Finally I got called in, the nurse did her usualy vitals and check in. I told her what was going on, and of course she asked how it happened. Well if I knew I'd tell ya but I don't know, it just happened over time. At any rate I told her my weight loss accomplishments and how I have decided to take on the biggest challenge of my life and train to run this half marathon. She was really impressed! When I went to xray, the xray tech told me how impressed he was that I had taken on this challenge (I didn't even get a chance to tell him how my injury happened). When my doctor came in she started off by saying, "a half marathon huh? That is very impressive! You can do it we will get you taken care of you and get you back out there running." It sure did feel good to have absolute strangers root me on while I do this.

After talking about my running and weight loss accomplishments for a few minutes, we turned our attention to my foot. The doc came to the conclusion that I either have deep tissue bruising, or a stress fracture. She leaned more towards a stress fracture and wanted to wrap up my foot and put me on crutches. Ya that's not gonna work, I have a 3 year old. So she said that since the xray did not show the stress fracture and that we would have to wait until Monday to have the radiologist read the xray I didn't have to be wrapped up just yet. Just lots of icing and resting of the foot was in order instead. Monday came and no phone calls, so I am assuming no stress fracture!

I'm not really one to slow down! 4 days after having a csection, I was back at work part time (Tyler was in the hospital and I was bored at home and needed to keep my mind busy). 3 days after each of my 2 shoulder surgeries, still in a sling I was back at work full time. Slowing down just isn't in my regular vocabulary.

But I took it as easy as I could with my busy never stopping life, I had already missed workouts on Thurs and Friday and chose to go ahead and skip Sat and Sunday. Monday I did a walk with my two favorite boys around our neighborhood. But yesterday it was on, back to run/walking. I did 30 minutes of it on the treadmill and felt SOOOO good! Sure does feel good to get the blood flowing. So I will ease my way back into this and keep it going......

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